Welcome to the Carter County Republican Party Webpage.

Are you politically homeless? Not sure where you belong? Sick of BOTH parties? Whether you’re a lifelong Republican, a Democrat thinking of switching, or just a person fed up with the way things are going, and looking to make a difference, you’ve come to the right place. Our tent is bigger than the mainstream media portrays us.

There are many political ideologies within the Republican Party. Across the nation, there are different types of conservatives, moderates, libertarians, and even liberal republicans. Here in Southern Oklahoma though, we primarily have social conservatives, tea party activists, and libertarian republicans, with LOTS of overlap among the three. Not sure where you belong? Try this quiz. Or this easier one.

It helps to understand political philosophies by dividing political actions into two broad categories: economic and personal.

“The “economic” category includes what people do as producers and consumers – what they can buy, sell, produce. Where they work, who they hire, what they do with their money. Examples of economic activity: starting a business; buying a home; constructing a building; working in an office.

The “personal” category includes what people do in relationships, in self-expression, and in general what they do with their own bodies and minds. Examples of personal activities: marriage; choosing what books they read and movies they watch; what foods, medicines, and drugs they choose to consume; sports; their religious choices; organizations they join; with whom they choose to associate.”[1]

The Nolan Chart places most political philosophies somewhere between:

  • Conservatives and those on the right tend to favor more freedom in economic areas (example: a free market), but more government intervention in social areas (example: drug laws).
  • Liberals and those on the left (by the common US meanings of those terms) tend to favor more freedom in personal areas (example: no military draft), but more government activism or control in economics (example: a government-mandated minimum wage).
  • Libertarians favor both personal and economic freedom, and oppose most (or all) government intervention in both areas. Like conservatives, libertarians believe that people should be free to make economic choices for themselves. Like liberals, libertarians believe in personal freedom.
  • Statists favor a lot of government control in both the personal and economic areas. Several versions of the chart, as well as Nolan’s original chart, use different terms such as “communitarian’ or ‘populist’.

There are some major differences, but also a lot of common ground. We’re committed to working together to accomplish our mission to limit government, protect individual liberty, and promote personal moral responsibility. Take a look at the different ideologies and see if you can find a place here to join us!

If you are a registered Independent or Democrat, would you please take our poll?


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